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TerraSolid is also used for many of the hydrology models used in the ELNIS model and is linked with the European land-cover and land-use models, such as ESMACS and NARCCAP. [Elvis]{} (European Land Information System for the Environmental Ecosystem Services and Agricultural Products, ) is an integrated model of terrestrial ecosystems and their services. It was developed to address the need to represent the key processes that determine biogeochemical cycling, and the response of ecosystems to climate change. It enables the study of the biogeochemical cycles and the influences of land use and land cover changes on the biogeochemical cycles of important ecosystem services, such as crop production. Since its establishment in 2007, [Elvis]{} has supported the EU Common Agricultural Policy in conjunction with the KCL-IAPAC Consortium and the [ECOGEN]{} consortium. [Elvis]{} is made up of four models: a Catchment model, a Terrestrial Model, a Land use and Land cover model and a Global Flux Network. These models can be linked with the [MarBL]{} model [@Grassetti:2009; @Grassetti:2011]. Water budgets and hydrology --------------------------- A water budget is a quantitative description of the balance of inflows and outflows, in order to estimate the water availability of a catchment. Several procedures for deriving water budgets have been used for many decades, with the objective of estimating the “water balance” of a catchment. To consider this balance between inflows and outflows, it is necessary to know whether a stream or a river is a tributary or a confluence (source) or a tributary (sink). For each major tributary basin, the area of this basin is determined, for example by defining the stream reach where water levels are above a given threshold. Then, in this specific stream reach, the water flow is measured and the discharge rate is determined. A water budget of this specific stream reach is then computed. The water budget thus obtained is the “area” budget, which is the balance between the inflow and the outflow. To compute the balance between the stream reaches, it is then necessary to take into account all the tributaries of this specific stream reach. The area balance is thus computed by summing the inflow and outflow over the total t




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